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Treasury Bonds

A long term investment opportunity with the highest level of security

Make the most of your investment with treasury bonds in the secondary market, to earn fixed-rate interest.

Key features & benefits

  • Interest income exempted from income taxes
  • Can be traded in the secondary market to create a capital gain
  • Minimum amount five million rupees (Rs. 5,000,000/-)
  • A choice of investment from two to 30 years
  • Interest paid every 6 months (coupon interest)
  • Face value paid at maturity

Rates & fees

  • Please contact your nearest branch to find out more about the rates & fees for this product.
  • Click here to see the fees for this product

Invest in Treasury Bonds issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to earn higher returns while enjoying highest level of security for your investments.

Call us today to learn what Treasury Bonds can do for you!

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