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Target Investment Planner

Let your little investment add up to your big business goals

Withdrawal of funds before the end of the investment tenor will not be allowed. However, under exceptional circumstances, such requests will be accommodated subject to a recalculation of special interest component with the prevailing interest rates of a Normal Savings Account.

Key features & benefits

  • Guaranteed Interest Rates / Returns
    The higher interest rate agreed upon at the beginning of the plan will remain throughout the investment period
  • Maximum flexibility and transparency
    Customers can select an investment plan that yields the desired amount at maturity
  • You have the option to select from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year investment periods
  • Start your investment plan with an investment of Rs.5,000

Rates & fees

Invest for the future with easy monthly installments and receive a guaranteed fund.

Call us or visit the nearest Pan Asia branch today to learn about how you can build a fund to achieve your life requirements through Pan Asia Target Investment Plan!

Target Investment planner FAQs

Target Investment planner Rates & Fees

With Effective From:- 2023-07-31
Investment PlanNumber Of MonthsInterest Rate
1st Year Investment Plan1210.00%
2nd Year Investment Plan2412.50%
3rd Year Investment Plan3612.50%
4th Year Investment Plan4812.50%
5th Year Investment Plan6012.50%

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