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Pan Asia Credit & Debit Card Offers

Enjoy the freedom of living the lifestyle you want to live

We help people and businesses by providing financial services and information to achieve their goals and aspirations in a sustainable way.

Rising Fixed Deposit
The only investment option that gives your investment wings to fly high.

This is a unique Fixed Deposit where interest increases every six months. Your investment return continues to increase during your investment period based on the market rate, where it will remain the same in case market rates fall.

    Increase your interest rate in line with market rate increases and safeguards from risk of interest rate decreases
    Maximum security for Fixed Deposits
    Term availability: 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years
Fixed deposits
Why settle for less when you can get higher returns for your hard earned money?

A secure investment option that offers you a higher return, regardless of interest rate fluctuations, unlike other forms of savings or investments.

    Flexibility to select a period from one month to five years
    Ability to renew the deposit automatically
    Cashback loans up to 90% of your Fixed Deposit for emergency cash requirements
Pan Asia Ran Aththama - a trusted friend by your side.

Meet your urgent cash requirements by keeping your precious gold jewellery in the safe hands of Pan Asia Bank. Enjoy a higher value at a lower interest rate with a range of other benefits with Pan Asia Ran Aththama.

    Higher rates for your gold jewellery
    Lower interest rates
    Repayment periods ranging from 1 to 12 months

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